Knowledge in Chemical physics


Study of sintering properties of powders of different sizes using heat treatment

reactor physics

Given notes for the course Physics and subject Chemical Physics. The topics included in the document are related to reactor physics. #IIT ROORKEE


Notes attached include following topics: Electronic devices Atoms & Nuclei

Chemical Process Control - Stephanopoulos

Chemical Process Control - Stephanopoulos - The best Book for process control


Engineering Chemistry The article gives the ppt's about all the major topics in the engineering chemistry. it is needed for every engineering graduate in his UG course.Moreover the information in these ppt present the entire core knowledge of the subject to the students. The contents in the article 1.Atomic structures 2.Polymers 3.Water technology 4. Electro Chemistry 5. Corrosion 6. Organic Chemistry The content in the ppt are self explanatory and prepared by experienced faculty for the easy understanding of the students and the contained information in the ppt is taken from the reputed books and recognized authors. The files are prepared in a student friendly manner for the better understanding of the subject by the student.

Electro chemistry and corrosion.

This document contains types of corrosion and types of batteries and galvanic cells.and evolution of hydrogen and many more.

Stereo chemistry and reaction mechanisms.

This document contains preparation of aspirin and paracetamol and reaction mechanisms of also contains isomers and the types of isomers and types of reactions.

Crystal field splitting of complex compounds

This document contains some important information related to crystal field splitting of complex compounds such as tetrahedral compounds, square planar, octahedral complexes.

Engineering physics(applied physics)

This document contains topics in the engineering physics.some important topics are covered in this pdf.

Reaction Dynamics (Engineering Chemistry) B.Tech

Notes of Reaction Dynamics of engineering chemistry for the students of B.Tech 1st Year.

Question paper engineering chemistry

This document contains questions on treatment of sewage water and its advantages and questions which covers the entire chemistry and many more.


This clip contains notes of chemical technology for the students of B.TECH 2nd Year.