Knowledge in Chemical physics

boiling and condensation

all about boiling and condensation

Electro potential (II semester)

Attached document contains notes on electro-potential, 2nd semester (Delhi University)

Classification of equilibrium points - IIT

Detailed printed notes of classification of equilibrium by IIT. Accurate data and information of the topic.

Energy balance - IIT BOMBAY

Notes issued by IIT Bombay on energy balance. Printed textual material.

Maxwell equation - engineering

Printed material by IIT on the topic Maxwell's equation.

engineering chemistry Micro Syllabus

Engineering chemistry is the basic property which deals with all types of sciences including human body and helps us in improving our knowledge on this.

Water pollution-engineering chemistry

This is the main topic which would help you to improve in the whole chemistry which would help you to improve your skills.

Drying and distillation | Chemical Engineering

Explained process of drying and leaching for chemical engineering.

Adsorption Equipment | Chemical Engineering

Adsorption equipment Important notes for chemical engineering.

Multi Ferroric Materials

physic notes on multi Ferroric Materials

Inadequacies of classical mechanics

Inadequacies of classical mechanics