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ASET #ES203 exam paper OOPS

ASET AMITY UNIVERSITY- Object oriented programming with c++ end term paper 2016

ASET behaviour science 3rd sem

behaviour science 3 sem btech (2nd year )

Case Solutions and Notes

Solution to various Finance, Marketing and IT Cases provided in the attatchment below. The contents below contain ISM Assignment: Facebook, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., Infosys, etc. Can be referred for projects and assignments. Facebook IT System- Case Solution

Psychology GRE test practice book

The attatchment contains one actual full length GRE psychology test paper. It also contains some test-taking strategies and answering procedures which will help to garnish your problem solving capability. Useful for Psychology students.

ASET 3rd sem electronics complete notes

Amity University ASET 3rd sem electronics notes available in the atttchments below. Topics included are- semiconductor diode and diode circuits, bipolar junction transistor, field effects transistors, introduction to operational amplifiers, basic digital electronics, etc.

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory : Robert L B

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory : Robert L Boylestad

engineering mechanics

engineering mechanics notes.

Amity ASET matlab practical file

The attatchments contains content of the lab file of the subject computer science. Practical file of ASET matlab available for Amity students. It is the updated version of the basic simulation lab manual. Students may refer to create lab files. #Amity

Nuclear physics

Available below is the pdf of the subject nuclear physics, of semester 1. The attatchment contains content such as partical accelerator, the linear partical accelerator, the lawrance cyclotron ionization chamber, comparison between ionisation chamber and G.M counter etc. Each chapter in explained with relevant details.

Orthographic projection of points and lines

Ipu 1st semester engineering graphics - orthographic projection of points and lines

English notes 2 ND semester second

English notes second semester second

Communication skills

2nd semester notes available for students studying The attatchment contains content about one word substitution, in english as well as hindi language. #IPuniversity