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Why do Muscle Cramps happen?

Muscle cramps can cause a lot of issues for sufferers. They can be very debilitating and in some cases can even pose a hazard. For example, you may be driving when these cramps strike, and if they affect your leg muscles your driving will naturally be affected. They can strike at night, which can cause issues with sleeping. They could even strike at work, which could pose another hazard depending on the type of work you do. Muscle Cramps = Uncontrolled Contraction of Muscles We need to learn how to tackle issues such as muscle cramps ourselves. To do this, it is important to have a better understanding of why muscle cramps occur and what might be causing them. In a nutshell, muscle cramps are caused by the involuntary contraction of muscles. They usually affect the calf muscles but they can strike elsewhere too. You may have heard these cramps referred to as ‘charley horses’. You will know when you experience a muscle cramp, as the muscles in the affected area become very tight, hard, and painful. You will actually be able to feel the spasms and the speed with which these cramps can strike can come as quite a shock. If you are a keen exerciser, you should bear in mind that cramps can occur many hours after exercising. Muscle Cramps Are Caused by Multiple Reasons There are a number of possible causes of muscle cramps, and it is important to familiarize yourself with these if you want to know how to prevent cramps. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may be experiencing cramps: Lack of circulation in the legs Exercising calf muscles too hard  Failing to stretch and warm up before exercising Being too active when temperatures are high Being dehydrated Muscle fatigue A deficiency of magnesium, potassium, or both An underlying cause such as a spinal issue or nerve problem A side effect of taking certain medications Interestingly, muscle cramps are very common but they are most common at night when you are sleeping. According to reports, 75 percent of muscle cramps are experienced at night. By familiarizing yourself with the possible causes, you can take certain steps to prevent muscle cramps. This could include drinking more water, warming up before exercises, and putting less strain on the muscles. When Muscle Cramps Strike, These Easy Exercises Help One of the things you will be keen to learn if you suffer from muscle cramps is how to treat them. Of course, prevention is the best medicine, and this is something we will look at. However, if you are suffering from muscle cramps the first thing you need to know is what action you can take to treat them and alleviate the pain. Below are some of the key solutions for treating muscle cramps: Do some stretching When you get muscle cramps, your muscle goes into involuntary spasms. This causes a lot of tightening, discomfort, and strain. When these cramps strike, you can try stretching the area. Simply drop and stretch the affected area to try and alleviate the cramps. Better still, if there is someone there with you it is worth getting the area massaged. This can help to quickly alleviate the spasms and discomfort. Try to relax It is natural when muscle spasms strike to try and push through the pain. However, this can often make the problem worse. Instead, try to relax and let the pain ease away. Simply take a break and wait for the spasm to pass rather than to risk making it worse by battling with it. Speak to your pharmacy You may find that anti-inflammatory treatments can help to tackle muscle spasms 2 . It is therefore worth taking a quick trip to the pharmacy to see if they can recommend anything. Some of the treatments available over the counter at pharmacies can help to ease the soreness that stems from muscle cramps. These are some of the simple but effective ways in which you can quickly treat muscle cramps and alleviate some of the symptoms.

Goji Berry - The saver of your computer life

This superfood dates back to ancient times as it has been used for more than 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. Goji berry, also known as wolfberry, is native to Asia and grows on a shrub. It is of bright orange-red color, sweet and a bit sour taste, and you can consume it raw, cooked or dried. Apart from tasting good, goji berries are truly superfood – rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants, these berries can help you fight various diseases, control your weight and improve your digestion. It is low in calories and high in nutrients! Perfect! Goji berries have a low glycemic index, meaning there won’t be a huge increase in your blood sugar levels, which makes them a perfect treat. At the same time, goji berries are a great source of many vitamins and essential amino acids. 100 grams of dried goji berries contain : Vitamin A – 26822 IU Vitamin C – 48.4mg (81% DV) Calcium – 190mg (19% DV) Iron – 608mg (85% DV) Fiber – 13g (52% DV) Protein – 14.3g Goji berries are good for your eyes Goji berries contain zeaxanthin, which is an antioxidant that can promote your eyes health. According to a study conducted in Switzerland  consuming dietary supplements with goji berries for 90 days leads to less yellow deposits under the retina, which can lead to muscular degeneration in the eye. Goji berries are beneficial for cancer prevention According to a study that was published in Life Sciences, goji berries may help you fight cancer, as researchers discovered that goji berry extract can stop cancer cells from spreading. Goji berries can improve your general well being A study conducted in Phoenix, USA,  dealt with the effects of consumption of goji berry juice. The researchers came to the conclusion that consuming goji berry juice for 14 days leads to improved general well-being, better performance and gastrointestinal functions. Goji berries are beneficial for people with diabetes Due to its low glycemic index, goji berries are the perfect snack for people with diabetes, as they won’t spike up your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, there are several studies  that have proven that goji berries are also successful in reducing blood sugar levels. Goji berries are good for your skin Being rich in antioxidants, goji berries can prevent your skin cells from being damaged. An animal study conducted at the University of Sidney proved that drinking goji berry juice protects your skin from UV radiation damage. Goji berries improve fertility By increasing testosterone levels in men, goji berries help produce sperm of improved quality and they also improve sexual ability, as a study conducted on mice at College of Public Health in China shows. How much is goji berries enough? How much goji berries is good for you to consume depends on many factors, such as age and health condition of a person. If you have certain health conditions, always consult with your doctor first. For people with no specific health conditions, the recommended dosage is somewhere around 150 grams of fresh fruit and from 10 to 30 grams of dried fruit.

The Best Strategy to Search for a Job

The template-like cover letter is too average to stand out in the job market. Little did I know at the time, but there is a very specific art to writing cover letters, and once learned, my cover letters, and my job prospects increased dramatically. A lot of us tend to write similar cover letters. We try to use a “one size fits all” policy, where our cover letters are adapted for each job, but generally relay the same information in a similar way. This is easy for us, but this strategy is unhelpful when we consider the job market as it truly is, and how to best write for it. What is little known, is that there are actually three different kinds of cover letters… The different kinds of cover letters are: invited cover letters, closed cover letters, and referral cover letters. The first of the three are the kind you will likely be most familiar with: Invited cover letter: a direct response to a job ad. They tend to be the easiest to write as the job advert may have given you some indication on what to cover. You need to provide accurate and detailed information about relevant experience and knowledge that you have, and explain how this experience and knowledge makes you a good fit for the job and the company. Extensive research into the company and its rivals is vital, this will show that you have carefully taken your time to write the cover letter and are passionate about the company. These forms of applications and job postings actually represent the minority of available jobs to apply for. Roughly only 20% of job postings are publicly known and advertised. To nail it: Take time to find out who the hiring manager is (it should say somewhere in the job posting). If you can’t find a name write something like ” Dear sir/madam” it should be pretty personal. Likewise tailor your letter for the company. Make sure you write down exactly what job you are applying for in the letter. Many people send exactly the same cover letter to different companies, and for different jobs. The hiring manager will be able to tell if this is what you did, and would think you don’t care about the job. Instant rejection. Be relatively brief and succinct, the whole cover letter should be no bigger than a normal A4 piece of paper, so only write relevant experience and tie it to the job. Make yourself seem like the only person in the world who will be able to do the job as well as you can. Proof read your work, put it aside, then proof it again, then have a friend go through it. If your letter is full of mistakes it will reflect badly on you. Basically, don’t do what I did once, and send a badly written, mistake filled cover letter for a job that requires you to write well. Closed cover letter: for jobs that are “hidden”. The invisible 80% available jobs are the “closed” section of the job market. These jobs there will be considerably less demand and competition for as they are so much harder to find. To apply for these jobs, you need to contact companies and employers directly and ask if there are any positions available. It is far cheaper and easier for companies to recruit internally or through people already on their radar. When companies put time, effort and money into posting a job advert, this can imply that they are having trouble filling an open position, not just that there is a position available. Therefore its important for you to become known to the company, you need to send a speculative cover letter. Unlike with invited cover letters, closed cover letters aren’t tailored to a specific job or role in the company as its likely you won’t know if there is such a role or position in the company which needs to be filled. Though it is important to give the company and the employer some indication of what your skills are and what you are best suited for. These cover letters and applications are often sent in cold, without knowledge if the company is hiring or what positions are available. However, you’re lucky you may know someone in the company who can give you some indication of what jobs are available. In which case you need to write a referral cover letter. To nail it: Unlike the invited cover letter, closed cover letters may be kept on file until a suitable position appears. This is important to consider when you are writing your cover letter. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to tie your skill set for a specific job, but you should still indicate what kind of roles you are after. Instead of explaining why you are applying for a specific job, explain why you are applying for a relevant job in that specific company. Explain what you like about it, why you want to be a part of it, and why they should hire you. Research all you can about the company and relate your experience and passions to that research. To get the job you want, go beyond putting information into a cover letter template. Identify the potential opportunities and work on a few tailor-made cover letters that can increase the chance of getting your dream job. Filling your information in a template just doesn’t work when it comes to making your cover letter stand out from others!

SRM University Civil Engg Geometric Surveying

Geometric Surveying notes available for the students of SRM University, currently studying in 2nd year. The notes include topics such as ELECTRO-MAGNETIC DISTANCE MEASUREMENT{EDM}, MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE of EDM INSTRUMENT, EDM INSTRUMENT CHARACTERISTIC, DIFFERENT WAVE LENGTH BANDS used by EDM, etc.

VIT University Computation methods in Process engg

Notes available on the topic Computation methods in Process engg, for the students studying Chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as The Advantages of MATLAB 2, Disadvantages of MATLAB, The MATLAB Environment, etc.

VIT University Food Engineering

Relevant food Engineering tech notes available in the attatchments given below. The pdf's include topics such as Food Macromolecules, Human Nutrition, Digestion, Nutrition: Carbohydrates, Macromolecules, Disaccharides, Hydrolysis, Proteins: Structure, Essential Amino Acids, Biology/Chemistry of Protein Structure, etc. #VITuniversity

VIT University Chemical Engg Humanities notes

Notes available on the topic chemical engineering humanities, for the students studying chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as ORIGIN OF BRIBERY, FORMS OF BRIBE, HOW BRIBERY CONSIDERED, FACTORS ENFORCES BRIBERY, COMMON USE OF BRIBE, etc.

VIT Chemical engg MIT

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the chapter- Materials and Instrumentation techniques and subject- chemistry. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as Diffraction and Microscopic techniques ( Basics), Powder X-ray diffraction – principle, instrumentation and application, SEM –EDAX and TEM -principle, instrumentation and application, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), etc. #VITuniversity

VIT University Chemical engg Momentum Transfer

Momentum transfer notes available in the attatchments below for chemistry students. Topics included in the documents below are that of Fixed and Fluidized Beds, Sphericity, Irregular Shapes, Sphericity, Drag Coefficient, Flow Through a Bed of Particles, etc. #VITuniversity

VIT University Chemical engg Natural gas notes

Notes available on the topic chemical engineering natural gas, for the students studying chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as Natural Gas Value Chain, Gas Reserves in India, Miscellaneous Activities for New Opportunities to Petroleum Specialists, etc.

Delhi University BA Pol Sc. Hons. notes

B.A. Pol. Sc. Hons. detailed notes for DU political science Students available here. Topics included are democracy, extra ordinary laws, features of constitution, Federalism in India, feminism final-pushpa, FYUP - Democracy., Major_Political_Philosophies, etc. For reference please refer to the attatchments below. #delhiuniversity


Most of you, after reading this title will try to convince themselves through some whacky reason for not being so. But escaping reality is not a solution. In this world full of varied social media lustre ,one find himself/herself attracted like its a strong magnet and somehow gets influenced. It then depends on your company that decides it's good or bad.  But you know what! Whether it's good or bad, too much of social media will always end up vanishing your real world image. It's because you gradually decrease paying attention to yourself and you get so much addicted that you start skipping other important stuff like morning walks, family times and even timely food . And that I know many of you still skip.  Checking notifications, sending /receiving texts, updating status and other blahs have made our lives busier than ever, but the truth is we have a lot of time if we just kick this unnecessary identities out . Just imagine your life without Fb and Insta , now some will say, "what! Are you insane!?" Haha ,but it's okay na it's not the only thing that matters. What matters is how beautiful is your life in real world than you pretend it is in your virtual world. So guys, I think you got my point here. All I wanna say is less social media, more the real you.