Knowledge in All CM And Governor Of Indian State Up To 6 June 2019

Mechanical engineering: governor

This helps in limiting the speed of a vehicle even though the driver tries to exceed the limit

Municipal Corporation , Municipality and List of current Mayor

It tells us about the information Regarding Municipalities and Municipal Corporation. Mayors important roles include leadership, promoting positive Relationships ...This sort of Information will definitely help the UPSC aspirant because this are some of the basic information a person should know for any exams whether it is am SSC , UPSC or any civil Service exams going around in india apart from that A Mayor plays a very Important Role in Control of the City . As he is one of main person Responsible for what's going around in the city A Municipal Corporation is Ruled by an IAS Officer which is a very Big Responsibly taken by the person.

Roles and Postions of President,PM,Council of Union Minsters Cabinet and Central Secretariat

It is very Important for everyone to know that what type of position is given to the president , pm , Council of Union Minsters etc .. and other governing bodies of a country... people who are being selected by the government . The National Security Advisor , MLA MP are those people who run the government , people who have the power to run the country are group of higher officials . People should know about this kind of information not only for Civil service Exams but also for their general Applitude .

The level of Government , Indian Federation

The Levels of Governing bodies that control a particular Nation had given some sort of responsibilities to run the nation As we talk about india it is a Union of states just like Usa which is known as United states of America So the level of government are mainly divided in Union , State , Concurrent in which Union plays the most important role and is controlled by the central government while others like state , concurrent are controlled by state government.


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Limit of testing water by the Indian government

Limit of testing water by the Indian government

President and governor in political science

This knowledge contains the information about the president and governor's roles and responsibilities in our country.