Shruti Goyal

Btech ece at Maharaja agrasen institute of technology new Delhi

Studied at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Analog electronics-2 End term paper (2018 2019) for ip University

This knowledge contains solved questions paper of end term (2018 and 2019) of Analog electronics-2 ip University.

CMOS pspice simulation

This knowledge is contains a satisfactory explaination on one of the important logic family which is complementary metal oxide semiconductor .

Complex analysis practicals

This knowledge contains all the practicals of the complex analysis subject of mathematics. You will find all the practicals of the related subject here.

instructions set 8085 microprocessor

This knowledge contains explaination about all the types of instructions in 8085 microprocessor like data transfer instructions, Arithmetic , logical , shift instructions.

Communication system practical file

This knowledge contains a handwritten communication systems practicals for ip University .

Jobs and internships for college students

This knowledge contains the jobs and opportunities that one can do in Summer. You can build your resume and can gain experience.

Network analysis and synthesis Assignment for ip University

This knowledge contains assignment paper for network analysis and synthesis subject of ip University 4th semester. Get some questions here.

DC Ammeter Electronics instrumentation and measurement

This knowledge is all about the dc Ammeter which is the important part of subject Electronics instrumentation and measurements. Go through this knowledge and learn about dc Ammeter how it's work , what are it's components etc.

Analog electronics for ip University

This knowledge is all about current mirror which is the most important topic of operational amplifier under Analog electronics of electronics and communication engineering . Go through this knowledge and gain information about the current mirror and it's types.

Computer organization and architecture for ip University

This knowledge is the practical file of computer organization and architecture for the computer science engineering students.

Communication system for ip University

This knowledge contains end term questions papers of the year 2018 and 2019 of communication system of ip University

Sampling techniques in signals and systems

This knowledge contains the sampling process and its effect and details which comes under signals and systems.