Knowledge in SSC – CGL

SSC Preparation Material (Paramount)

Prepare for SSC-CGL with the best material available online. Attatched are the handwritten notes of the following subjects- Maths, english, science, polity, history, geography. All notes available in english. #SSC #PARAMOUNT#HSSC

SSC CGL - English

In this knowledge, basic question and answers related to government exams,also includes Antonyms ,Synonyms ,One word substitution ,Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL exams. #SSC

biology(in hindi)

Attatched below are the biology notes for prepartion and revision of government examinations such as SSC-CGL. Biology notes attatched below in the form of pdf's for ssc related exam are from sls classes in hindi language. #SSC

General Science(HINDI)

It contains notes about the general topics of Economics ,History ,Science ,Geography for preparation of government exams like SSC CGL and Bank PO. The language of these notes is hindi for better understanding and learning.

DSL English

Notes available for learning english for competetive examinations. Handwritten notes available in english as well as hindi for better understanding. The content includes topic such as object, verb, complement, subject, clause, tense, person, causative verb, etc

Paramount Test Series of GI and Reasoning

Here, I upload Paramount GI and Reasoning Test Series.#GI #Reasoning #Paramount#HSSC

Test Series of Maths Paramount

The attatchment includes test Series of Maths of Paramount with answers, best for revision after completing the course. Can be used for preparation and examination purpose, Designed for government exams such as SSC-CGL.

Test Series of English Paramount

uploaded are the Test Series of English of Paramount Coaching Center. Available for practice and revision. Provided in English language and subject referred is English.

Test Series of GI and Reasoning(Hindi) Paramount

Attatched below is the Paramount Test Series of GI and Reasoning. This includes relevant questions and answers that could be beneficial for the preparation of SSC-CGL government exams. The attatchment is provided in hindi language. #SSC #CGL

longman's english grammar

Available below is a practice book of english grammar by longman, a self study book to improve your english. The document attatched includes topics such as verbs with and without object, direct and indirect objects, noune clauses, compound sentences, perfect/past principle constructions, compound nouns, etc.


Available below are the pdf's of 'New grammar practice for pre-intermediate studets' by Elaine Walker steve elsworth and 'NTC's American Idioms Dictionary' by Richard A. Spears. The documents attatched include topics such as NOUNS, ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS, VERBS, GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES,SENTENCE STRUCTURE, etc.

phrasal verbs

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the subject Government Exams. Useful for the students preparing for SSC. The content in the documents below helps you prepare for your upcoming exam better.