Knowledge in Data Structures & algorithms

MSIT 4th Sem- Algorithm Analysis & Design

Handwritten notes available of ADA for 4th semester students of IP University, studying computer science and sub subject chosen is data structure and algorithms. Notes attatched are Useful for revision and Easy to understand. #MSIT

Introduction to Algorithms- Thomas Cormen PDF

The topics included in the attatchment are Introduction to algorithms in computing, growth of functions, analysis and randomized algorithms, divide and conquer, designig algorithms, Heapsort, Quicksort, Sorting in Linear Time, Medians and Order Statistics, Elementary Data Structures, Binary Search Trees, etc.

IP University - 3rd Sem Notes

3rd semester notes for course available here.Handwritten notes provided for the subject Data Structures & algorithms, computer science. Explaination for Data structures and Object oriented programming(OOPS) for revision purpose. Topics covered are what is data structures, different operation on data structure, complexity of algorithm, etc. #ipuniversity

Linklist sem3

Attatchment below is complete notes for linklist,traversal,doubly linklist,searching,algorithm for linklist etc. Can be used by computer science students, studying subject data structures and algorithms.

Queues complete notes sem 3

Handwritten notes available in the attatchments below for students of computer science, studying Data Structures & algorithms.Topics discussed in the documents are queues,types,inserton,deletion complete programme,circular queue,their algorithms etc

Binary search tree notes

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course computer science and subject Data Structures & algorithms. The content in the documents below comprises of Binary search tree and Sparse matrices.

Polynomial and Non-Polynomial numbers

Notes available on the topic Polynomial and Non-Polynomial numbers, for the students studying computer science- Data structures and algorithms as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as Decesion/optimization problems, SAT, time complexity of SAT problem, etc.

Linked Lists

The attatchment includes relevant information about linked lists.Most basic, which is required of data structures, is to have a clear understanding of linked lists. It is known because of its versatility and therefore, is very handy. This pdf will help building your basic concepts on Linked lists.


Basic of general trees. Some terms which are explained in this knowledge--Linked Nodes Implementation, Parent Pointer Representation, Equivalence Relations, Theorems on Equivalence Classes, Path Compression, and Building an Equivalence Forest.


Basics of ADA. Find the relevant video for 1st clip- 2nd clip-

Algorithm and complexity

Pseudo codes,complexity of algorithms and growth of functions.

Data Structure Q&A

Wondering what is asked in the viva of data structure? You are at the right place, i can provide you with the solution to this problem. The below attatched pdf contains relevant question and answers that can be asked during the data sturucture viva. course - computer science, subject- Data Structures & algorithms.