Manthan Vasani

Engineer by Education Developer by Profession

Full Stack Software Engineer at AppMixo

Studied at California State University

Studied at Ashadeep Science School, Surat

Skilled in Business Analystic, Business Analystic, Java Developer, Business Analystic, Java Developer

Certified in Android Application Developer

What Are Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering

Software engineering process framework activities are complimented by a number of umbrella activities.

What is ADO.NET ? And Explain Benefits of ADO.NET

ADO.NET is the data access and manipulation protocol used by c# .net

What is BCL (Base Class Library) in C# ?

Almost all the capabilities of the .net framework are exposed via a set of managed types known as the Base Class Library.

Web Technology: Question Bank with Solution

Web Technology: Question Bank with Solution

Turing Machine of Copy String

Turing Machine of Copy String

Theory of Computation Important Question-Answer

Theory of Computation Important Question

What is Java Networking ?

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Servlet API: Advanced Java

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Java Server Pages: Advanced Java

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Chomsky Normal Form (CNF) in Theory of computation

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