Knowledge in Total quality management

Acceptance sampling plans

It defines acceptance sampling plans


Govt economic macros macroeconomy content for civils and general purpose . Management

Quality contro

all about quality control

ISO 9000

Rules and guidelines about ISO 900 and its implicaitons

Metrology and quality control Question bank

Metrology and quality control Question bank class notes

Total Quality Management Question Bank

Total Quality Management Question Bank

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance with simple Power point presentation

Software Quality Management

It introduces the quality management process and key quality management activities. It explains the role of standards in quality management and the concept of a software metric, predictor metrics and control metrics.

KANBAN Project Manager

This pdf contain information about project manager guide for KANBAN. Introduction to kanban with practical examples. Pdf contain Four Chapter of which :- Project Planning,Why kanban, project execution, Role, prioritization, execution,Sizing and estimation are covered. This pdf is very useful of kanbanise. May this information provide much info about content go through it

Kaizen Report Format

Kaizen is a tool for continues improvement in plant efficiency/Productivity. This file contain report format for kaizen which used in manufacturing plant for their continues improvement in their productivity I have worked on Kaizen Project,This is part of that project in which we take continue update record of before and after improvement for different processes with images as record. I will add further documents which describes more about my project l Go through it may it helps to record processes, Continues Improvement Toolkit and wastes occurred on production line.

Management Foundation Question Paper

This File contains question paper of Management Foundation usually taught to BBA or BCOM students.

Total Quality Management

the pdf contains notes for total quality management