Knowledge in Quantative techniques

JCG Case study LP solution

Linear Programming and Its solution for the JCG case. its excel solution with the sensitivity analysis report .

ISO 9000

Rules and guidelines about ISO 900 and its implicaitons

RS aggarwal Quantative Aptitude Book

This book contains important topics which are needed for cracking different entrance exams for different universities and college n courses. This book can be easily understood. and it contains very easy to understand topics. Easy to understand and clear.

PPT on Project Scheduling

This clip contains ppt on Project Scheduling, Quantitatives Technique For Management.

PPT on Integer Programming Problem

TThis clip contains ppt on Integer Programming Problem, Quantitatives Technique For Management.

Notes of Techniques in Modern Drama

This attachment contains notes of techniques of modern european drama.


Abacus is a simple tool or a hardware used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations. Calculations based on abacus was invented at ancient times and now widely used a brain development programme. It consists of a rectangular frame holding a number of vertically arranged rods, on which beads slides up and down.

Essay Writing Techniques

Essay writing is an important topic in many high end exams like UPSC, IAS, IPS, Civil Services etc. Here are some techniques which will help you to write essays flawlessly.

Statistics / Quantitative technique

Here are five worksheets of problems with their solutions. these worksheets were really helpful to me as solving these covers your whole syllabus especially if you are honours student, BBA people can too find it helpful as most of the topics are covered. I have also attached my mid-semester paper.

Statistics / Quantitative technique (QT)

These are the notes of statistics or QT there are numbers mentioned with depicts page number and also certain examples are given to explain the concept, not all topics are covered but important topics like poison and index number are covered all notes written and presentation was provided by the professor.