Knowledge in Political Behaviour (psychology etc)

Developing Psychological Skills

The file contains he topic in detail along with Introduction and conclusion.

Effective Group Work

The fie teaches about effective strategies to attain group work.

Short note on Short Term Memory

Characteristics , Introduction and brief explanation of Short Term Memory.

Short note on Long Term Memory.

Long Term Memory, characteristics, 'Types like Procedural and Declarative etc.

Effective technical communication

This pdfs is most points of communication.most of use of GTU students but it is use to learn Effective technical communication. Your sit position your behavior,your face smile, your clothing types,your eyes contact etc most useful to unknown man's communication. communication is many different types of telephonic communication, eyes communication, speak communication etc so you are reading to this pdf so you know to all of communication and extra attached to question bank so this question bank useful to gtu and you board exam,so read and share pdf. Thank you.

Intelligence Chapter Notes

These are notes creates by students/ teachers of University of Delhi. Refer to these for your exams. They are really helpful.


These are the notes by teachers of Du. Refer to them for best results.

chapter Nuclear

These are the notes by students of Delhi University

Perception and Attitude

Through this PDF, one can gain knowledge about perception and attitudes in an organisation .