Knowledge in Maths

Mathematics-Hyperbolic partial differential equations

Contents covered in this pdf regarding hyperbolic partial differential equations.In this pdf there is detailed problems with solutions related to the topic.

Vector for 1st year student of mathematics

It is for the first year student. this notes are hand written and can be read easily.and this notes are from st. Xavier college Ranchi. Good for those who have vector in their syllabus.and want to know about the concept of vector.rate if you like it.

Mathes units 3

Mathes unit 3 in srm university

Previous years question papers

All the question papers of 1 semester of my college (St. Xavier college) you will love this because it has all subjects you need

Maxima minima -2 for first year student

You will love these it contains all you need check out my other content

Mathematics (III semester)

Attached document contains the previous year question paper for Real Analysis for Mathematics (hons) by Delhi University. It can be very helpful for a quick revision and clarity of concepts.

English grammar vocabulary synonyms

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