Knowledge in Maths BBA

Maths 2nd Semster Question Paper

This is the 2nd semester question paper of Maths for BBA/ B COM students.


Its tax planning notes for mba and bba students .

Sales and goods act

Sales and goods act Business law.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication


Cost accounting chapter 1

Cost accounting chap 2

Chapter 2 notes of cost accounting for bba students

Cost accounting chap 3

chapter 3 notes of cost accounting for bba students. brief notes. useful for everyone.

Accounting chap 6

Cost accounting chapter 6 notes for bba students . briefly explained all the topics covered in that chapter. useful for everyone.


explained the concepts of ecommerce in depth . most suitable for management courses like BBA, MBA ,BMS or anything else.

more about ecommerce

notes for bba students and mba students