Knowledge in Low temperature physics

Adiabatic Demagnetisation

The lowest temperature near absolute zero can be reached by boiling liquid hydrogen and helium under pressure . K. Onnes attained a temperature of 0.82K by evaporating liquid helium under a pressure of 0.013mm of mercury. The lowest temperature 0.7K in this way was reached by Kessam by reducing the pressure on the surface of liquid helium to 0.036mm of mercury by extremely powerful pumps. The possibility of still lower temperature was explored by Deobye and Giaque in 1926 independently by Adiabatic Demagnetisation of paramagnetic salts.

Mercury Thermometer

Mercury is the only one in liquid state at room temperature. It's used in thermometers because it has high coefficient of expansion. Hence, the slightest change in temperature is notable when it's used in a thermometer. It also has a high boiling point which makes it very suitable to measure higher temperatures.

De - Broglie Concept of dual nature

a brief explanation of the De - Broglie concept of nature

Schrödinger time independent equation

Schrödinger time independent wave equations important physics questions


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