Knowledge in Integrals


It briefs about Maths-3.

Notes of the calculus

Calculus is a subject in which these are some topics on which i had prepared notes. It is basically a formula like notes. 1) sequence and series 2) Taylor and Maclurian series 3) Application of derivatives 4) Integration

All the stuff you need in semester 2 in maths for 1st year

All the stuff you need for your 2 nd semester exam detailed notes which easy to understand. It is Hand written notes of my college (St. Xavier college).it is written in good hand writing for the prof I have given a sample you can go through. In this you will get calculus part,real analysis part , vector, Maxima and minima which is a part of is what you need more than eenough.hope you like it please do rate.

Integral calculus - Beta gamma function

Solving problems of integrations using beta gamma functions , for examination such as JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED , GATE and many more.

Integral calculus - First Order Differential equations

Every topic of first order differential equations like Linear differential equation, exact differential equation , variable separable, in addition with various solved and unsolved problems

Mathematics paper 2018

The 2018 paper of second semester common to 1st years.

Maths paper 2017

2nd semester paper of 2017.

Fundamental Theoram Of Calculus

Fundamental Theory of Calculus is a difficult and confusing chapter ever in Maths. Derivations, concepts and some brain satisfying examples make the chapter somewhat easy. Will help a lot in understanding and will fetch a lot marks in exams. Used by toppers of our college, all the best for your first year.

Integration and differential equations

Integration involves ideas, with associated techniques, that are familiar from school mathematics; mastering this branch of mathematics is an essential requirement before moving to more sophisticated concepts and applications.


Problems on Integration

Maths assignment 5

Maths assignment 5 on the topic of area and integral.

Engineering Mathematics 3- Ch 4 Multiple Integrals

This contains questions based on double integration and evaluation of double integration. Also contains knowledge about double integration in polar coordinates. contains the concepts and questions based on changing the order of integration.