Knowledge in FOR MBA

SWOT analysis

In this file i have included why swot analysis , strength , weakness , opportunities , threats etc more topic i include .


In this file i have included how to write a claim letter and how to manage content and pincode and any other address .

Basics of organizational behavior

in this file included topics introduction , nature , scope , assumption , globalization and diversity etc. more topics .

Field of organisational behavior

In this i have included fundamentals , learning objective , what is ob , all concept about organizational behavior etc .

influence , power and organizational politics

In this file i have included learning objective , tactics , natures , scope etc more topics included .


In this field i have included ultratech cement all data of company and financial data and summary .

Body languages

in this file i have included gesture , distance , shake hand , leg position . etc more topic includes .

MEMO Writing

in this file includes topic 1. Choose Your Audience 2. Clearly State the Purpose 3. Attach Data and Documents 4. Use an Appropriate Tone 5. Use an Appropriate Tone

culture , creative and innovation

in this file i have includes topic culture and creative and innovation .

economics notes

in this includes topic marginal cost and marginal profit .

singapore international case study

in this file i have included singapore international airlines case study .

law of variable proportion

In this file i have includes law of variable proportion , assumption , , stages , rules , causes etc . more topic .