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Sniffer Technology

The sniffer is a small base station, it includes transceiver section. It should operate at a frequency that is much different from the frequency of the current cell in which the operation of detection is being carried out.Since the boon of the mobile phone for the purpose of the communication there has been a large no. of complaints regarding the mobile phone that is being lost and there has been no effective method developed for detecting the lost device.

Preservatives boon or bane!

Food is the main aspect for which man serves..earns and sweats his life out..but what if that food is not worth it! so there have been a number of advancements in food technology that has lead to betterment in the standard of food not only in quality but also in its external aesthetic appeal.                 Chemicals that are added to food for their preservation or enhancing their appeal flavour etc are known as food additives.           Food preservatives are the chemical substances that are added to prevent their spoilage and  also in  certain cases retain the nutritional value of a particaular food product for comparatively longer period of time.               These chemical substances prevent the rancidity of food and inhibit the growth or kill the microbes.The most common preservative that is in use is sodium benzoate.                 Certain food preservative such as BHA and BHT  used for edible oils act as antioxidants.In India specially people feel it is bad to consume food that contains amounts of preservatives and deem to be unhealthy , but this is not exactly maximum cases these producta are released into the market after passing through multiple screening tests and also only after Food Corporation gives it the allowance to be sold in market.As u know anything in excess leads to abrupt problems and health issues but when it is utilized under proper proportions it acts more as a boon that a bane.!

Key to Success

Each of the test sections has a time limit, and you want to make the most of the time you are given. It is very important before giving exams

Group Discussion

This article is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students on the group discussion. It contain all the informantion about the group discussion.


This is the Ròbótîçs Bot and is purely related to the Autonomous Ròbótîçs project and it deeply involved the Elëçtrôñîçs interfacing with the Software and it completely relates to the technical knowledge. It is an innovative project.


This PPT contains the information related to the different types of sensor and their properties that are important as far as they are concerned. This PPT helps the readers to gain knowledge related to the electronics part of the Ròbótîçs projects.

Public speaking

PUBLIC SPEAKING (The art of communication). Public speaking is the art of communicating your ideas and views on a topic of general interest to a group of people in a  manner that interests them enough to make them listen attentively and try to grasp the meaning of what you are saying .In effect ,it is the skill of effectively communicating yourself  and your ideas to a group having common interest in the subject....  Then how does it differs from effective communication'??? Effective communication  is general conversation with a friend , family member and professional colleagues or for conducting business , getting something  done by others , interviews etc.Many also claim that  public  speaking is the  ultimate test of effective communication skills.

Attitude is Altitude

Attitude is everything... Attitude defines a persons character.

It is sure that if you will not finish it,if you don't start it.

It is always better than to start and do atleast something ,which is always better than nothing.....

A14 sample model question paper

This is the question paper related to the c language and completely covers the concepts related to the technical aspects of the computer programming. This paper helps to inculcate the knowledge to the reader.

C programming Question papers

This is the question paper related to the c language and completely covers the concepts related to the technical aspects of the computer programming. This paper helps to inculcate the knowledge to the reader.

Radio Frequency Technology

Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves.