Knowledge in Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering

Fundamentals of Biology & Biotechnology Glimpses of Microbial World - Bacteria Virus and Cell Organelles Carbohydrate


A study material over Enzymes, including enzyme function , enzyme binding mechanism and enzyme - kinetics


Every B.Tech first years have to study some subjects which they don't have any interest to. So that's why i have created few notes on the topic so that it would be easier for students to focus on their field of Interests. These notes will fetch you marks on the D-day and are point to point.

Biochemical Engineering

Studying is nothing without practice. Practice makes a man perfect. So there are ample of questions to be practiced to improve and test your preparation level. These questions are taken from various books and approved by our teachers. Will help to fetch you good marks in exam.


Metals play an important role in biological systems. As catalytic or structural cofactors, metal ions are critical to the function of up to an estimated one-third of all enzymes. Additionally, metals play diverse roles in biology.


The field of chemical engineering is undergoing a global “renaissance,” with new processes, equipment, and sources changing literally every day. It is a dynamic, important area of study and the basis for some of the most lucrative and integral fields of science. Introduction to Chemical Engineering offers a comprehensive overview of the concept, principles and applications of chemical engineering. It explains the distinct chemical engineering knowledge which gave rise to a general-purpose technology and broadest engineering field.