Eastern hills / Purvanchal

  • Brahmaputra marks the eastern border of the Himalayas.
  • Beyond the Dihang gorge, the Himalayas bend sharply towards south and form the Eastern hills or Purvanchal which run through the NE India & are mostly composed of sandstones
  • Mishmi hills, Patkai Hills, Naga Hills, Manipuri Hills and Mizo Hills

Eastern hills  or  Purvanchal

Classification of Himalayas on the basis of Geographic Location

  • Punjab Himalayas / Kashmir Himalaya / Himachal Himalaya  Between the Indus and Sutlej
  • Kumaon Himalayas  Between Sutlej and Kali rivers
  • Nepal Himalayas  Between Kali and Tista rivers
  • Assam Himalayas  Between Tista and Dihang rivers


Significance of Himalayas for India

Strategic significanceActs as a natural frontier of India with other countries (China, Pakistan, Afghanistan)

Climatic significance Prevent further northward movement of summer monsoon and also prevent cold northern winds from Siberia to enter into India

Agricultural significanceRivers from Himalayas deposits a lot of sediment on its foothold, from which are formed India’s most fertile agricultural grounds known as Northern plains

Economic significanceHuge hydro-electric power potential of Himalayan rivers + Himalayan timber + Himalayan Herbs & Medicinal plants

Tourism SignificanceComprises of Large ecological biodiversity, natural views & hill stations

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