progression and its uses

progression is a part of mathematics which helps you forecast the digit that is going to come next and it helps in improving analytical side

simple and compounding rate

This a set of question and answer file that will help you understand the rates and annuity in the business perspective.

Matrices and its uses

matrices is the way of representing the numbers in manner and using it in analysing it.

international finance

The file presents to you the notes on international finance which will help in understanding international business.

integral calculus in mathematics

This is a study material on integral calculus which will give a good knowledge of the same.

legal aspect of business

this study material will give you an idea of health and corporate law.

case study on indian bank

this is a case study on indian banking and it can be solves using advanced excel and it will help students learn.


This file will help you gain a holistic view on the derivatives rule in mathematics and it will enhance your overall knowledge.

Social media marketing

A book on social media marketing to understand the influence of the social media on buying behaviour of customers and marketers as a whole.

Strategic management

A book on strategic management to understand the importance of planning and strategising in management scenario in the corporate setup.

Brand equity in brand management in marketing management

A presentation on brand equity to understand how customers perceive a brand and how it influences the buying behaviour.

Brand Reinforcement

A presentation on brand reinforcement from the subject of brand management in the domain of marketing to understand how customers stick to a particular brand over a period of time and what makes them recognise and recall the brand in the time of need.