Mohitha Vijayakumar

Student at Sastra deemed university

Embryo culture

In the embryo culture there are synopsis and different categories and principle, procedure and principles of embryo culture.


Crystallography basis and x rays are discovered in 1895 by wihleim konrad rontgen. In this u can the overview about crystallography and x rays


Centrifugation is widely utilised and important separation of industrial field

Protection of policy holders interest

In this pdf u can learn how the interest of insurance holders are protected by the insurance company.

Marketing of insurance products

U can learn how the insurance products are marketed. There are different types of topic such as marketing mix, marketing approach, and recent trends in marketing.

Understanding risk management

In this pdf u can learn newly about how to risk can be managed. In this you can learn or understand the concept of the risk and different sources of risk and risk management process and uses of probability in insurance.

Role of company secretary

Everyone can easily learn the role of company secretary. *key managerial professional *complainace officer *Governance officer *board advisor *secretal advisor

ULIP and pension plans

ULIP is expanded as unit lfe insurance plan and pension plans are more important in insurance

Principle of fire insurance

In this pdf u can easily learn the term principle of fire insurance,cause proxima, subrogation, causes of fire insurance.

Introduction to fire insurance

Fire insurance is one of the type of non life insurance. Fire insurance can be insured by all the departmental stores, shopping mall and hospitals, etc. In this u can know the topic of *meaning *needs *importance *advantages

Hire purchase

Hire purchase means hiring the stocks in this two persons involved they are hirer and hiree.


Macavity is interesting poem.