Ishan Gupta

Data science and ml enthusiast.

Moderator at koderunners

Studied at KIIT Bhubaneswar

Studied at Don Bosco Liluah

Skilled in Data science, Game development, Web development

Certified in IBM Data Science professional


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Free courses available on EdYoda Python - Machine Learning - Dog Breed Prediction Project - Numpy - Tensorflow - Implementing Java Api's work - Deep Reinforcement Learning - Knowledge Graphs, Deep Learning, Reasoning - Natural Language Processing - GAN Miniseries - Videos from deep cognition studio -

Learn C programming

Hey, in case you are looking for a good C programming tutorial, then you are at correct place.  I am going to start C programming tutorial for all who want to learn. Starting from very basic to advanced topics in C will be covered in this tutorial. So, we will start from very basic topics like a variable, data type, and all these things then we will move towards array, functions, strings etc. After that, we will move to data-structures. So, it's going to be very excited and the teaching technique is going to be unique. Hope, you will enjoy this course. It's completely free of cost. So, don't miss this opportunity. See you soon.

3rd Semester DSA Complete notes, KIIT University

These are the series of documents on data structure and algorithms . Each pdf is includes a separate topic on dsa. The document is written is easy format for the enginnering students and the students preparing for Gate examinations