Bussiness environment

Bussiness environment . Micro and macro factors affecting a business in real world.


Liberalisation defined properly.

Operating system

All the basics about operating systems and other computer basics for beginner to intermediate level.

BBA and Bcom question papers 3 semester

These are questions papers for BBA and BCOM students . It can be used by amity , IP , DTU students pursuing BBA , MBA and BCOM honours .

Bussiness law for students from law and management background .

It is bussiness law notes hand written . It has all the information and that too in a very concise way for students . It is useful for management students like mba , bba , bcom , bcom honours etc . It has all the laws used in bussiness world.

Management accounting notes for BBA , MBA and BCOM

Management accounting notes for management students . It it taken from pearson and it is specific to details .

Porters Five forces model for bussiness students Udacity case study

Porters five forces model and taken case study of udacity . It is a ppt which can be used to perform activities of porters five forces model .

Cyber crimes and security threat Computers

It is a ppt of cyber crime and security threats . It is computer based cyber crimes prevailed in the world and how to overcome these crimes and how to prevent them and how to be safe from these activities.


Its tax planning notes for mba and bba students .